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Temporary Payment Reduction

The Wells Fargo temporary reduction feature lets you ease into your new monthly mortgage payments. 


  • Lower initial monthly mortgage payments for up to the first three years of loan term, depending upon the loan program. 
  • Numerous temporary payment reduction options available with many different fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgage programs. 
  • Payments can adjust every 6 or 12 months until your payment reduction funds are exhausted, depending upon the loan program. 
  • Maximum annual adjustments vary depending upon the option chosen. 


  • The lower initial monthly mortgage payment allows you to redirect cash flow during the temporary payment reduction period toward other priorities or to reduce bills or debt. 
  • Choice of a variety of payment reduction options so you can find one that meets your needs.


  • Make sure that you are prepared and able to handle the payment increases at the end of the temporary payment reduction period. 
  • The cost of the payment reduction is paid at loan closing and covers a portion of your monthly payments. 
  • The funds may be paid by you, the seller, or the lender. 
  • Temporary payment reductions are not allowed on all loan programs.
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