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Applying for a mortgage

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What goes into a mortgage payment — a basic outline

When applying for a mortgage, easily navigate the loan process with the help of your home mortgage consultant and yourLoanTrackerSM. yourLoanTracker is available for eligible loans; talk to your home mortgage consultant for details.

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Step 1: Complete the application

  • Connect with a home mortgage consultant, who will help you understand and compare your loan options.
  • When you find your house and decide to apply for a mortgage, your home mortgage consultant will help you complete your application.
  • Receive personal email invitation to yourLoanTracker if your loan is eligible. Read and upload loan documents in yourLoanTracker.
  • Review Disclosure Package with Loan Estimate.
  • Provide personal information like residence history and documents like bank statements, pay stubs, W-2s or I-9s. See more documents
  • Get welcome call from home loan processor.

Step 2: Financial and property review

  • Title search and appraisal ordered.
  • Submit any additional documents.
  • Home loan underwriter reviews your information.

Step 3: Preparing to close

  • Contact insurance company for homeowners insurance.
  • We review property title and schedule your closing date.
  • Review final Closing Disclosure.
  • We tell you the amount of money you need to bring to closing in a cashier's check.

 Wire Transfer Fraud 

Before you wire funds, be sure to verify all instructions and contact information. Learn more about how to avoid wire fraud from the American Land & Title Association.

Step 4: Closing

  • Get Closing Package from closing agent.
  • Review and sign documents.
  • Pay any closing costs with cashier's check.

Managing your account

View your loan balance, make payments, and manage your other Wells Fargo accounts by signing on to Wells Fargo Online® at your Home MattersSM.

 Did you know? 

At Wells Fargo, you get an entire mortgage team to work with — we can help you find the loan that's right for you.
4 steps to a home loan video

Video — 4 steps to a home loan

When you look at it, the mortgage process is really just 4 basic steps.

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