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Thinking about buying a home? We'll help you find financing to help meet your needs.

612-316-4888 (Office) 1-866-494-0293 (Fax)

7900 Xerxes Ave. So
Suite 204
Bloomington, MN 55341

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We have many home mortgage consultants that can guide you through the home financing process. Get started by contacting our branch, or one of our consultants directly.

Brad Soderberg


 Home Mortgage Consultant
 NMLSR Id 400715
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612-316-3100 (Office)
612-209-3801 (Mobile)
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80 South 8th St.
David A Ruckmar


 Home Mortgage Consultant
 NMLSR Id 400971
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612-316-4658 (Office)
612-505-6991 (Mobile)
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7900 Xerxes Avenue S
Jesse Arredondo


 Home Mortgage Consultant
 NMLSR Id 400735
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612-316-3102 (Office)
612-695-2105 (Mobile)
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411 Water Street


 Home Mortgage Consultant
 NMLSR Id 413499
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612-316-4783 (Office)
612-258-4369 (Mobile)
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2945 White Bear Ave North
Saint Paul ,MN,55109


 Branch Manager
 NMLSR Id 533122
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612-316-4888 (Office)
612-247-7348 (Mobile)
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7900 Xerxes Ave S STE 201

Meet the rest of our team

With Wells Fargo, you'll have a team dedicated to making sure the home financing process goes smoothly. Here are a few of our other team members you may work with.

Kathryn McCormick
Home Mortgage Consultant
NMLSR ID 1032472
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